Knox Church

God’s Littlest Angels Orphanage in the Kenscoff Mountains just outside of Port-au-Prince will be welcoming ten people from Knox from Aug 16-23, 2010.

This is an orphanage that has a NICU, a nursery, and a toddler house. After the earthquake they were able to send most children abroad to be with their forever families and currently have 60 children staying or permanently living there.

The team of 10, lead and strengthened by our faith, is headed there to serve in whatever capacity the orphanage and children need. We may be organizing and distributing the amazing amount of donations that are still coming in from around the world. We may be helping clean and run the facilities, or we may be holding and playing with children every minute we are awake. Whatever the Lord will have us do we are ready!

Please continue to keep the whole country in your prayers. Please pray for the children, the families to remain together, the Haitian people and missionaries who work together for progress, for the volunteers rotating in and out of the country and for our team of 10 to be useful, willing, and transformed.