Prayer Concerns, December

For the Kurdish people, as more turn from Islam that men might be sent from God to tell them of the Lord Jesus.

That justice and truth might prevail in Syria

Give vision to those represent us in Congress and to the president who presides over congress especially in these days.  We think of the 60 million plus refugees,  the rising oceans,  the demise of middle class.  Give us wisdom to take care of our oceans and fish.

For those who are left behind, those not lifted up by the rising tide of prosperity.

We pray for isolated people that find fellowship.  We pray for those families headed up by single mothers.

As we think today on "Black Lives Matter," we also remember the decrease of the black population in our nation.  We pray against all that would destroy the black community.  We pray that they might be lifted up.  We do not know what to do.  We sit by in agony as we see the extinguishing of a great light. Father, have mercy.